Residents of South Village seed growth & long term sustainability

The Farm at South Village has long been a draw to the neighborhood. Dubbed an Agri-hood before the term became mainstream, the 12-acre organic farm has been a central component to providing residents with local food production. Neighborhood programs include raised bed gardens, chicken tending, and community composting.

The new barn at South Village donated by Sterling Homes

In 2017, with the generosity and support of the farm stewardship committee, South Village residents, and local businesses – over $80,000 was invested in the farm and its infrastructure. The gifts from residents with matching support from the South Village Stewardship fund,  spurred the activity and funding to bring a well for frost-free water, electricity to power the well pump, and construction materials for a barn.  One of the builders at South Village, Sterling Homes, donated the design, construction management, and windows to the barn; while C&C Painting donated the siding stain.

These significant improvements will continue to allow the farm at South Village to grow serving the residents and community at large. A visit to the Farm will see the buzz of activity in the greenhouses, barn, wash shed, and crops fields.