Agrihood - The Farm at South Village

Agrihood – The Farm

An Agrihood Community

What is Agrihood and why is it essential to the South Village story?

An agrihood is a community that is built around a farm. The Farm at South Village focus is on organic farming and a true farm to table experience. There are tangible health and wellness benefits for the community members with the easy on site access to a farm stand and voluntary participation in farm activities.

South Village is an agrihood that uniquely combines farming and residences, providing a great experience for many residents. Visiting the chickens is a favorite pastime for many, young and old alike.

The Farm at South Village

At the heart of South Village is a 12-acre organic farm that plays a vital role in connecting South Village residents to local food production, farm programs, open space with amazing views, and a seasonal community space for everyone to gather.  Common Roots a non profit organization in our community whose mission is ‘nourish to flourish’ manage the Farm at South Village.

The Farm to Table story works in several ways at South Village. A Farm Stand on site offer residents the opportunity to purchase fresh seasonal produce, and volunteer with farm and garden chores if desired. You can also buy veggies through subscription for curbside pick up.

Some Residents Participate in the Common Roots Farm at South Village Subscription Program.  Purchase a food share in spring, paying in advance for your summer’s supply of fresh veg and get a discount on the season’s bounty.  This works, by pre-paying for a Farm Stand ‘Share’ then ordering online from the Farm Stand for curbside pick up at the Farm Stand at a pre-determined time to ensure freshness! You may use your ‘share’ to shop at the farm stand in person too!

The Common Roots Farm Stand operates just like a small grocery store, offering a variety of quality local artisan products such as bread, milk, frozen meats, cheeses, honey, prepared foods, and flowers in addition to their farm fresh organic vegetables.  Produce includes; Tomatoes, Lettuce, Carrots, Culinary Herbs, Kale, Squash, Peas, Spinach, Potatoes, Chard, Onions, Cucumbers, Peppers, Garlic, and 35+ delicious others! Truly fresh picked, truly delicious!

The Farm at South Village is managed through a partnership with Common Roots Farm. Common Roots fosters a vibrate connection between local farmers, educators, and you minds to cultivate healthy food and nurture the land. Learn more about their work at the South Village farm.

Community Stewardship

South Village residents also enjoy a myriad of community stewardship programs.

  • Families join together, on rotation, if desired to collectively help with taking care of the laying hens up at the Farm and receive a dozen eggs per week for each family.
  • Residents can also sign-up to enjoy gardening in rented raised beds as part of the community garden.
  • The Farm at South Village offers opportunities for anyone to help out and volunteer celebrate community by contributing with needed help out in the farm fields and high tunnels green houses.

At the peak of summer, there is nothing better, than to hang out under the tent, our community space, feed the chickens some food scraps, watch kids run around, get your hands dirty in the soil, take in the view of the lake and surrounding mountains, pick some flowers from your own garden and hear the hawks soaring overhead!

For more information on the Community Stewardship opportunities, residents of South Village should contact the South Village Stewardship Board.

Common Roots

Common Roots is a non-profit organization based in South Burlington, providing opportunities for youth and other members of the local community to grow and enjoy eating healthy food at home and at school. They play an integral role in both farming at South Village and sharing their harvest with the community to ensure food security in our area. Common Roots Farm Stand is open 5-7 days a week depending on the season. Visit: for more info.

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