It takes an amazing community to make a difference at the South Village Farm. Neighbors recently gathered together to help cover the greenhouse in preparation for the vegetable gardens to supply this years farm stand in the neighborhood.

South Village Farm

Photo credit: Reese Baker Neighbors gather to help enclose the seasonal greenhouse

Enclosed greenhouse at South Village Farm

Photo credit: Reese Baker
Enclosed greenhouse at South Village Farm




In 2015, South Village Stewardship Program, managed by Farmer Reese Baker, keeps residents informed about household composting, chicken keeping, community gardens, and opportunities for a pick-your-own garden.

Residents can “grow” their involvement at South Village Farm with creating their own garden beds or participate in raising chickens. Residents can contact for more information.




South Village

Welcome to South Village, a neighborhood of single-family homes and townhomes in the heart of Vermont’s beautiful Champlain Valley. South Village was designed from the ground up to bring together two of Vermont’s most cherished traditions: open space and village living.