Solar Energy

South Village is pioneering an innovative approach to small scale, renewable energy production and distribution. In the summer of 2011, a 528-panel photovoltaic solar array was installed on the Farm at South Village. The one-acre installation is now generating 150kW of carbon-free electricity for a consortium of users including the South Village community, the Farm at South Village and the City of South Burlington.

The Farm at South Village solar array is one of Vermont’s first group net-metered solar projects. In addition to producing clean, renewable energy, the installation is also demonstrating the economic and social value of independent, community-based energy production and the functionality of new smart grid monitoring and optimization systems.

At the present time, the electricity being generated at South Village is powering the entire infrastructure associated with the Farm at South Village, including greenhouse ventilation, lights, heat, and irrigation pumps, as well as all of the streetlights and sewer pumps for the South Village community. The balance of the electricity produced at South Village is used by the City of South Burlington to power essential infrastructure including stoplights and sewer pump systems.